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Eleganza Self-Adhesive 3-Row Pearl Roll

Eleganza Self-Adhesive 3-Row Pearl Roll

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  • Colour: White
  • Length: 1 Metre
  • 3-rows of self-adhesive pearl stickers
  • Perfect for personalising your labels and invitation cards
  • Can be used on any surface whether Paper, Plastic, Metal, Fabric or Glass
  • Ideal for any kind of wedding!

A quintessential embellishment when it comes to weddings that never goes out of style are Pearls. They give off a sense of purity in them and symbolise timeless elegance. This adhesive roll of pearls is ideal for decorating any type of surface whether sticking them on to paper or using them as finishing touches on the bride or entourage's dresses. Simply peel of the protective film and rest assured they stay on well -- even until the party's over!

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