Berisfords Gold Sparkly Lame Metallic Glitter Ribbon 7, 15, 25, 40mm


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  • Item Size: Choice 3,7,15,25, 40mm wide
  • Price: per metre length
  • Supplied in one continuous piece if order more than 1 metre
  • Colour: Gold
  • Material: Lame Metallic Ribbon
  • Perfect for adding colour to your handmade wedding invitations
  • Machine Washable to 40 degrees

This Berisfords Gold Sparkly Lame Metallic Glitter Ribbon will give you a wonderful sparkle and glitter effect ideal for all special occasions! The ribbon is ideal for tying or creating bows as the textured finish means they hold their shape really well.

Whether you're looking to personalise your handmade wedding invitations, create jaw dropping table displays, edge your wedding day robes or simply add stylish decoration to a dress, hat or hairstyle, this high quality metallic lame ribbon will do the trick. Make beautiful bows, trims and borders easily, and take your craft projects to the next level.

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