Alphabet & Numbers Peel Off Sticker Sheet Lower Case Letters Card Making Craft


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Alphabet & Numbers Peel Off Sticker Sheet

Please choose from the colour options available

Price is per sheet

Each Sheet measures approx 23cm x 10cm

To help give an indication of size, each letter "a" measures approx 5mm high, each letter "b" approx 8mm.

These peel off stickers are ideal for any crafter. Simply peel away from the backing sheet and press onto your project for the perfectly finished greeting. 

Top tip: We use crafting tweezers or the tip of a craft knife (Please be careful and not recommended for children) to remove intricate details from each sheet and then position them on our projects. 

Colour: Silver, Gold, Black, Multicoloured

Theme: Number & Letters

Type: Sticker

Brand: JEJE

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