What Are Save The Dates and Are They Necessary?

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Save the date cards are becoming more and more popular within the whole world of wedding planning. Whilst they are not an absolute necessity, they can be extremely helpful in prepping your guests for your big day. Save the dates act as a pre-invitation. With very little details except for the wedding date, location and couples names, they allow the intended day guests to do exactly as the name suggests .... save the date!
 Wedding Save The Dates - Do we need to send them?
Do I Need to Send Out Save The Dates?
If you have planned to get married during a particularly busy period such as peak holiday season or Christmas, then it's a good idea to give your guests the heads up. Sending out save the dates 6-12 months before the wedding (Or earlier in some cases) allows your guests to plan ahead. The last thing you need is your intended Maid of honour on a beach in the Caribbean when you wanted her to help you into your wedding dress!
Destination Wedding - Wedding on a beach
And whilst we are talking about sunnier climates, if you are planning a destination wedding on a beach for example, sending save the dates well in advance will allow your guests time to make travel arrangements and book time off work if needed. 
Excited bride
And then there's the good old excuse that you are just so excited to let people know that you are tying the knot and can't hide your excitement! Save the dates are the perfect teaser to your wedding invitations. They help to set the scene and give people a little indication of what you have planned for your wedding day. 
Wedding Planning - Save The Dates
Who Do We Send Save The Dates To?
Generally speaking, you only need to send save the dates to the guests that you are inviting to the actual wedding ceremony. If you do wish to send them to your evening guests too, be sure to make it very clear that it's just for the evening. The last thing you want is to cause any confusion or upset.

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