Everything You Need To Know About Sugared Almonds & Weddings

Everything You Need To Know About Sugared Almonds & Weddings

Little did I know that when it comes to sugared almonds and wedding favours, that there is such a history behind it.  Until I actually googled it, I was always under the impression that they are just used to look pretty and as something a little bit sweet to go with your coffee after the wedding breakfast meal! How wrong was I?!

If you have landed at this page and you’d just like to purchase some then simply follow this link to buy, but if you’re like me and love a good story and are fascinated by wedding traditions then read on.


Where do sugared almonds originate from?

Sugared almonds originate from a city in Italy called Sulmona and they are still produced there today.


Where does the name Sugared Almonds come from?

According to visititaly, sugared almonds date back to ancient Roman times. Almonds initially started out being covered in honey and thrown as confetti. In fact, the word confetti comes from the Italian word confetto which in English translates to Candy. It stems from it’s original Latin form conficere which means to prepare.

As sugar became more widely available, the almonds were sugar coated and were initially only afforded by the rich. In fact, on important anniversaries, the rich used to throw the sugared almonds (Confetti) from a cart and give them to the poorer people. Fast forward around 600 years and sugared almonds are now readily available and still really popular. We send them al over the world including Australia and the USA too!


How many sugared almonds are in wedding favours?

It's traditional that 5 sugared almonds are given to each wedding guests. One each to represent  love, health, happiness, fertility, and a long life together. The number 5 was also chosen as it is indivisible symbolising a strong bond between the newly married couple. It is also said that the sweet coating along with the  slightly bitter taste of the almonds is symbolic to the hope of the newly married couple enjoying a life that is more sweet than bitter.


What do the colours of sugared almonds represent?

In years gone by, white was always given to wedding guests.  Now they are available in an array of colours but there is great significance behind the other colour choices too.


White – for purity and fidelity and celebrating 75 years of marriage

Pink – for births and first communions of girls

Blue - for births and first communions of boys

Red – for graduations and ruby wedding anniversaries celebrating 40 years of marriage

Silver – for silver wedding anniversaries celebrating 25 years of marriage

Gold – for golden wedding anniversaries celebrating 50 years of marriage


Do sugared almonds go off?

Like all food stuffs here in the UK they have a best before date. Normally its at least 6-12 months in advance but it’s always best to check with us if you are planning for a wedding or event in the future.


How many sugared almonds in 1kg?

This will of course differ according to size but we estimate that there are approximately 250-300 individual sugared almonds  to 1kg (1000g). That’s 125-150 per 500g.


Where can I  buy sugared almonds?

You can buy them online from us here. We ship them worldwide. I know I am probably a little biased because we sell them but believe me when I say they taste really good no matter what colour. I have been lucky enough to sample each and ever colour and probably too many of them!


What do you put sugared almonds in?

There's literally hundreds of different options with regards to packing when it comes to giving sugared almonds as wedding favours. If you are heading down the traditional route then organza nets and bags are a firm favourite. They are available in a huge range of colours to compliment your wedding theme. If you are going for something a little more modern, then why not opt for a small gift box or bag?


So if you've got this far and you're not totally sugared almond out, then thank you! I'd love to know how tasty you find them!

Speak soon

Jackie x

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