What is a C6 Envelope?

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In our opinion, the C6 envelope is probably the most popular sized envelope in the handmade greetings card world! It is designed to fit a piece of standard printer paper (Normally A4 in size) folded into quarters, A5 piece of paper folded in half or A6 piece of paper flat. When buying blank cards and envelopes together, it's the size of the card when folded that you need to match up to the size of the envelope.


How big are C6 envelopes?

The exact size of a C6 envelope is 114 x 162 mm or if you work in imperial measurements, it's  4.5 inches x 6.4 inches. The envelopes are designed to be a little bit bigger than a A6 sheet to allow you to move it in and out of the envelope comfortably. 

White C6 Envelope Size 114mm x 162mm


What's the difference between C6 and C5?

With envelopes, the smaller the number the larger the envelope. C6 envelopes measuring 114 x 162mm are approximately 50% smaller than C5 envelopes that measure 162mm x 229mm. C5 envelopes are designed to fit A5 sheets or card or paper. Check out our envelope size guide below for other sizes.


Will 5" x 7" cards fit in a C6 envelope?

C6 envelopes are smaller than 5x7" cards so you'll need to buy bigger envelopes to suit. We recommend using envelopes  133 x 184mm to suit 5" x 7" cards. Check out our envelope size guide below for other sizes.


Kraft Envelope & Card


How do I seal a C6 envelope?

C6 envelopes are often available with a gummed flap that you'll need to moisten and then press down to seal. As an alternative, and arguably cleaner and quicker to close,  peel and seal envelopes are also available. The flap has a double sided tape already fixed and to fasten together you simply remove the backing strip to reveal the adhesive and press down to close.


Envelope Printing and Decoration

It's becoming increasingly popular with handmade greetings cards and especially within the wedding invitation world, to decorate envelopes. This can be done by adding a decorative envelope liner made of fancy papers, adding embellishments such as wax seals or printing on envelopes. This later has been made easier with the improvement of technology and home printers.

 Decorate Envelopes


Materials and finishes.

Whilst the every popular and very safe choice is the standard white 100gsm gummed envelope, it's closely being caught up by the recycled brown craft option. As people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious with their choices, the eco-friendly kraft envelopes are also beautifully rustic in appearance too. Just two of the most popular designs, you'll find envelopes in all shades of bright and pastel colours, plus in metallic pearl and textured finishes too. Generally the envelopes we stock are made from paper in either 100gsm or 120gsm which is slightly thicker.



Standard Envelope Size Guide:

Envelope Size mm (w x h) cm (w x h) in (w x h)
DL 220 mm x 110 mm 22 cm x 11 cm 8.66 inches x 4.33 inches
C0 917 mm x 1297 mm 91.7 cm x 129.7 cm 36.1 inches x 51.5 inches
C1 648 mm x 917 mm 64.8 cm x 91.7 cm 25.5 inches x 36.1 inches
C2 458 mm x 648 mm 45.8 cm x 64.8 cm 18 inches x 25.5 inches
C3 324 mm x 458 mm 32.4 cm x 45.8 cm 12.8 inches x 18 inches
C4 229 mm x 324 mm 22.9 cm x 32.4 cm 9 inches x 12.8 inches
C5 162 mm x 229 mm 16.2 cm x 22.9 cm 6.4 inches x 9 inches
C6 114 mm x 162 mm 11.4 cm x 16.2 cm 4.5 inches x 6.4 inches
C7 81 mm x 114 mm 8.1 cm x 11.4 cm 3.2 inches x 4.5 inches
C8 57 mm x 81 mm 5.7 cm x 8.1 cm 2.2 inches x 3.2 inches
C9 40 mm x 57 mm 4 cm x 5.7 cm 1.6 inches x 2.2 inches
C10 28 mm x 40 mm 2.8 cm x 4 cm 1.1 inches x 1.6 inches


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