Save The Dates: 7 Things You Need To Know in 2023

Save The Dates: 7 Things You Need To Know in 2023

So you've just got engaged (Congratulations btw), you've got a wedding date in mind and you're so excited that you just want to shout it from the rooftops?!  Sit back, relax, poor yourself a Prosecco (Or other drink of preference) Our following handy guide tells you all you need to know about this increasingly popular wedding trend. Save the dates haven’t always been around but with the whole wedding scene changing dramatically in the last few years alone, for most couples planning their big day they are becoming very much the norm. 


1) What are Save The Dates?

Save the dates act as a pre-invitation giving your guests the heads up that they will be invited on your wedding day with intentions of making sure they keep the date free. They tend to be worded quite informally leaving the more in-depth details to the actual wedding invitation itself.


2) Are Save The Dates Necessary?

Whilst not a complete necessity, save the dates are an ideal way of giving your guests plenty of warning if you intend on having a destination wedding or if you are getting married during peak season. There would be nothing worse than key members of your bridal party not being able to make it due to work commitments, being on holiday or because they hadn’t had warning to save up. Last minute flights can be expensive! So they are not necessary but can be a very important part of wedding planning.


3) Who Are Save The Dates For?

Save the dates are intended for every guest that you would like to invite to be part of your special day.  They are normally sent out just to day guests but if you don’t want to leave the evening guests out, send them one too. Just remember to make it clear if they are just invited to the evening celebration otherwise you may end up with some rather upset friends and relatives (Or a bigger bill)!


4) What Do Save The Dates Look Like?

Whilst many brides and grooms opt to keep them simple and along a similar design to their actual wedding invitations, people are becoming more and more ingenious when it comes to their Save The Dates. From postcards to full on photo shoots, a message in a bottle to fridge magnets, there is no “One size fits all” any more. For those happy couples who don’t wish to send anything physically, there’s also an option to use a wedding app or website too. Just bear in mind that for those guests that are not particularly technical minded, it may be best to drop them a line to let them know!


5) When Should I Send Out My Save The Dates?

Whatever the circumstances, make sure your venue is booked before you send out your Save The Dates! Sometimes popular venues can get booked up months and years in advance. There would be nothing worse than sending them out only to find that your dream wedding venue can’t fit you in on the date you wanted!

There’s no set timescale to send them our but If you are planning your wedding abroad or around peak season, it may be best to inform your guests at least 12 months before. Otherwise, anywhere between 6 to 12 months should be sufficient. For those overly excited about their big day, just remember that friendships change and if you invite someone to be a part of your day too far in advance, you may regret it nearer the time.


6) What details should I include on my Save The Dates?

As they tend to be sent out months before the final decisions need to be made, the only information you really need to add at this stage is the date and venue. All the other guest information can be left to the invitations.


7) How much do Save The Dates Cost?

This is kind of like asking how long is a piece of string?! It really depends on you. A simple A7 business card size card printed at home is probably only going to cost you pennies but jazz it up with a luxury satin bow and shimmering diamante embellishment and you may be looking as much as £5-£6 each. Fridge magnets can be a good option as they don’t tend to get lost as easily and at the time of writing this can be purchased for as little as £1 each. There is an endless amount of choice and there really is an option to suit everyone’s budget.


If you are thinking about making your own Save The Dates, check out the following video. It may be easier than you think!



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