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Double Sided Sticky Tape, where would we be without it? What a marvelous invention! To think I spent many hours in my younger years with the good old white plastic spatula and PVA "School Glue"  sticking and gluing. There was nothing more rewarding at the end of the day than being sat peeling off all of my so called 2nd skin (Dried glue) from my hands and fingers. How times have changed. Don't get me wrong, I still rely on the old trusted favourite from time to time but in today's crafting world where time is precious and crafting time very limited, when I reach for an adhesive it's usually the tape!

At Craftitems, we offer 3 different types of what is essentially known as Double Sided Sticky Tape.  In all cases, the tape is sticky on both sides once the backing piece is removed. It's such a quick, easy and clean way to craft! Here I will explain the differences:

Standard Double Sided Sticky Tape:  Also known as tissue tape. It comes in 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 25mm widths and all on a roll of 33m. It's perfect for general craft use. I use it it a lot when card making because it's really easy to tear. At times when I need more than 1 pair of hands its really useful to not have to be reaching for the scissors! It's ideal for sticking paper and card together and I use it quite often when matting and layering.

Easy Lift Double Sided Sticky Tape: Basically the same as the standard stuff mentioned above only that the removable backing sheet is wider than the tape itself. If you haven't got long nails or a craft knife to hand this option could better for you. Available in 6/12mm (6mm wide tape, 12mm backing sheet) or 8/15mm (8mm wide tape, 15mm wide backing sheet). Both options are 33m long.

Super Sticky Double Sided Sticky Tape: The red rolls! This is the superior tape in the crafting world. The tape of all tapes! The stuff you want which will stick virtually anything and everything.  It is so sticky that I have (On numerous occasions) spent ages trying to separate rolls that have found themselves stuck together! I use this when adding embellishments to wedding invitations. I know that if they are sent through the post, there is very little chance that the embellishments will come off during transit. If you stick paper or cardstock together using this stuff, you can't get it apart again without ripping the surface. It's tough stuff. It's great for keeping photo's in place in scrapbooks too. Over the years, I've had some lovely stories from our customers who have bought this tape and used it for all sorts of things like hanging voile in windows to fixing tablet and phone screens. It's available in 3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 25mm widths with 5m on each roll.



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