Funny Valentines Cards!

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I must admit I'm rather unorganised when it comes to making cards. Considering I own a warehouse full of nice glittery stickers and as many different colours of card and envelopes as you can think of it should be a task that I find easy. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm so creative when I sit down to make things for friends and family my mind whirls with hundreds of different ideas pushing the boundaries so much, that I simply run out of time. That obviously combined with the school run, about a million extra curricular activities and a magic cleaning fairy that has been on strike for the last 6 months!

After being together for 16 years, I almost feel that my husband and I have gone past the "I love you so much. My world would end if I'm not with you" stage and it's more about which of us can wind up the other the most. So here is my top pick of funny valentines day cards I found online. I am in no way sponsored to show these or linked in any way to the suppliers. They are just cards I have found funny! (P.S if you are feeling crafty, why not have a go at making your own version?)


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As seen on boredpanda
As seen on mymerernmet
So that's my best three funny Valentines cards. Why not share with us your Valentines makes? We love to see anything crafty!
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