Does It Matter Which Name Appears First on a Wedding Invitation?

Does It Matter Which Name Appears First on a Wedding Invitation?

So you’ve planned the whole day from your perfect wedding venue to your shiny new shoes and even your Mum’s sorted with her wedding day (And night!) outfit. But now you’ve got down to the finer detail you’ve hit the stumbling block, who’s name goes first on the wedding invitation? Whilst nothing is set in concrete these days and it’s becoming more acceptable to not follow a trend, here’s some info to consider that may help you decide.

It’s quite important to agree which name is used first on the save the dates if you are choosing to send them. You’ll probably want to continue this through to your wedding invites and on the day stationery too. It will look better and continuous to your wedding guests.

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The Traditional Way

If you are using the traditional approach the bride’s name always comes first. This is because the bride’s parents are usually the host and normally pay a greater share of the wedding day costs. If you choose this way the invite is normally worded with the bride’s parents first followed by the bride first and middle names then the groom’s full name like this:

“Mr & Mrs Paul Thomas Walker
Request your honourable company
At the marriage of their daughter
Olivia Jane
Mr David James  Wright”



In a same-sex marriage, and one set of parents are considered to be hosting the wedding (Or paying for a large part of it) then following the traditional way the name of their child could still go first.

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The Modern Way

Let’s face it, times have changed quite dramatically and you could almost argue that there isn’t a set way to do anything nowadays. More and more couples are paying for their own wedding or costs may


be split equally amongst the parents. This almost cancels out the reasoning and tradition for putting the bride’s name first. In this case, it really is up to you who’s name you choose. If both sets of parents have been involved, it would be good to include wording something like


“Together with their families
Olivia Jane Walker
David James Wright
Request your honourable company”



If the families haven’t been involved you could leave the first part out.

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It’s Your Day!

Have you ever found that people refer to you a set way round? Some names just seem to sound better in a certain order. Perhaps you could refer to yourselves in this way. Still undecided? Perhaps you could draw straws. You could even turn it into a fun event with your family and friends involved and have a “Wedding Invitation Naming Celebration”

At the end of the day, there’s nothing set in concrete. Go with what feels right to you both. I’m sure your wedding day will be the most magical of days and just as special to you both no matter which way round you choose.

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