A Checklist: Planning a Garden Wedding

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Planning a wedding is probably one of the most challenging and stressful tasks, more so planning one which will be held outdoors. Truth be told, outdoor weddings can be very dreamy and romantic, but it can also turn out to be tragic if not carefully planned. So, here is a checklist of what you have to keep in mind while planning an outdoor garden themed wedding. 

The Venue

One of the most important things is to find out what your venue has and does not have. One of the struggles in choosing an outdoor wedding is to find the perfect location with a stable electrical supply. Make sure that you can find a power source for the equipments you will be using during the ceremony and reception. Next familiarise yourself with its facilities, rules, and terms. Does your venue have enough parking spaces for the guests? How about restrooms? Will they allow rentals from outside? You better check carefully.

The Weather

It is common knowledge that couples who are planning to have an outdoor wedding should have a back-up plan should the weather frown upon their big day. Consider renting a venue with an indoor space or rent a tent in case of inclement weather. It’s best to be prepared especially since weather conditions are not something that you have control of.

But if you think that rain is your only enemy in an outdoor garden wedding, you’re wrong. It’s also not ideal to let your guests sweat out under the sun. Ideally, outdoor garden weddings are best done late in the afternoon or when the sun is about to set. If not, make sure you have enough coolants to keep your guests comfortable and hydrated.

The Attire

Yes, your wedding dress will get dirty in a garden wedding. This is the truth, let’s face it, and try to avoid long gowns and long trains. If you like long gowns, nonetheless, then, at least choose a gown that hangs just enough to cover your shoes.

The same goes for your guests. Be sure to inform them about this, so they can wear attires suitable for a garden wedding.

The Food

Let’s face it. It’s harder to protect your food in an outdoor setting. Aside from weather conditions, the main problem will be the presence of insects and bugs. Not to mention, the wedding cake has its own conditions. Talk to your caterers about it so they can prepare what they will need.

But according to some wedding planners, one good way to keep the food, beverages, and the cake in good condition is to cover them until the guests are ready to eat. Mesh covers or customised lids will do.  

The Insects

Because it’s an outdoor garden wedding, it’s no surprise if there would be bugs and insects to join your reception. They’d probably be attracted to the aroma of the food. To avoid the attendance of a swarm of insects to your big day, request that the venue be sprayed for bugs a day before your wedding.

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