7 Ways to Achieve a Rustic Look on Your Wedding Day

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Rustic weddings pay tribute to the elements of nature. Rustic weddings are usually held in outdoor venues, but if you decided to rent an indoor location – worry not, for we will give you tips to achieve that rustic look for your wedding day!

1. Palette: Neutral Colors

Rustic weddings usually have neutral and muted colors. Opt for earthy or natural colors to create a rustic-feel for your wedding. But if you find white, ivory, and earth tones to be a little boring, you might want to try a little bit of blush and purple hues to stir things up.   

2. Lace It Up

Use rope, lace, and burlap to wrap bouquets, utensils, invitations. You can even use a lace-styled wedding cake and wedding dress to maximize that rustic vibe.

3. Wild Flowers and Loose Bouquets

There are certain types of flowers that suit a rustic style wedding. Consult your florist for combinations, but flowers like cotton, baby’s breath, and daisies are good options. Consider a loose bouquet too – its messy look will surely give out a more natural feel.

4. Naked Cake

Opt for a simple naked cake for your wedding. Do not choose a cake that has overwhelming touches for it defeats the purpose of setting a natural mood. A one or two-tier cake will be enough as well. Keep it simple.  

5. A Rustic Touch

For a rustic touch, here is a list of things you can use for decorations:

  • Wood: Tree stumps as chairs or as base for centerpieces, wooden displays, etc.
  • Candles, lamps, or café lights – add a little twinkle here and there
  • Mason jars and Mismatched bottles
  • Tin, iron and bronze touches
  • Wild flowers
  • Burlap and Twine
  • Greenery – the more nature-inspired elements, the better
  • Handwritten Signs, Menus, and Invites

6. A Touch of Home

What makes people love rustic is its homely feel to it. It gives off a feeling of warmth. And to maximize that feeling, why not try to use homemade treats as wedding favors? You can make use of mason jars as containers; wrap it up in burlap, rope, and lace for a classier rustic vibe.

7. Mix And Match

The last but not the least – actually, this might be the best tip of all, is to not be afraid to mix and match. You can use mismatched bottles, chairs, or decorations. You can even use out-of-place and vintage designs. You can even wear cowboy boots with your wedding dress. The key is to have that laid-back and relaxing vibe to your wedding. What creates the best rustic feeling is how different ensembles and displays harmoniously look good together, no matter how different they are. So, no, do not be afraid to mix and match!


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