10 Reasons Why These Mulberry Paper Flowers Are Perfect For Card Making!

10 Reasons Why These Mulberry Paper Flowers Are Perfect For Card Making!

So if you haven't read the headline, you are probably guessing what this blog post is about?! A few years ago whilst looking through card making websites I stumbled across some fantastic craft blogs that were all about my favourite craft...card making! I was totally intrigued by the different card making supplies that were used to create these cards and toppers. The projects weren't just handmade cards, they were so cleverly created and put together they were like pieces of art. So much so, that the crafters who sold them on after lovingly creating them were selling them for over £100 each on eBay! That's obviously an indication of how much their creativity was admired and valued.

One of the craft embellishments that really stood out for me were the Mulberry Paper Flowers that seemed to be a common addition to these works of beauty. They were just so pretty and elegant and admittedly I fell in love with them straight away. So I set about some long hours of research to find out where we could source them from because I desperately wanted them for our online craft shop. After a few dodgy samples that went straight in the bin, these little beauties arrived and were here to stay!

These Mulberry Paper Wild Roses are 40mm wide and come in three colours at the moment.. Pale Pink, Ivory and 2 Tone White & Pale Pink. We have more colours due to be released in the near future too. The paper roses come complete with a wire green bendy stem. They have been hugely popular among our handmade wedding stationery customers not only for DIY wedding invitations but for wedding table place names, bridal combs and even bouquets. All of the handmade variety of course! 


So, as per the bog post title, here are the 10 reasons why these Mulberry Paper Flowers are perfect for card making:


1: These Mulberry Paper Roses are made from the finest Mulberry Paper.

2: They can be used singly or in a bunch for a greater effect when making your own card.

3: They come complete with a wire green bendy stem. The stem can easily be removed if it's just a flower head that you need.

4: The roses can be fixed to a papercraft project using a suitable glue.

5: Despite looking very delicate, these paper flowers are sturdy. They can survive the postal system (Preferably in a bubble envelope or card box.

6:They come in a range of sizes, styles and shapes from 10mm upto 40mm.

7: They can be decorated with glitter or ink.

8: They are a perfect addition to handmade wedding invitations with a floral theme.

9: With care, the petals can be manipulated by hand to give a fuller look.

10:  The colour can be enhanced or changed using ink (Pads are ideal as you need something not too wet) 


I hope you found this helpful.

Happy Crafting!

Jackie x

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